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Terms and Conditions of Reservation

  1. LAMU RETREATS Service
    LAMU RETREATS offers the website, which holds a directory of privately owned properties. These properties allow us to offer our guests the very special experience of spending their vacation in locations where local people live, with the same rhythms of local life. These holidays give travelers the opportunity to experience and appreciate the unique architecture, traditions and lifestyles in the individual destinations. LAMU RETREATS carefully selects the properties, within a set qualitative range within which travelers can gain maximum satisfaction without any of the possible disadvantages or discomforts due to the particular nature of the locations. Few of the properties published on the web site are equipped with reservation facilities and part of our service relies on the fact that they are difficult to contact exclusively by email but that we have other direct communication means and representatives on the ground in Lamu who we can always reach.

    To choose a vacation in one of the properties on the portal it is necessary to make an availability request for the desired dates, by emailing a request through to the address for that specific property or direct to

    Each property, named evocatively, is presented with photographs and descriptive text , facilities of the property , seasons and guideline prices by season. . On the pages of each property there is a link to the Request Availability email that must be filled out in full in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of the request. The Request Availability email should include name of party, number in party DATE IN / DATE OUT and any additional requests regarding the reservation.

    If the Client wishes to request availability at more than one property for the same time period, a Multiple Availability Request can be made by sending your preferred dates to with a list of your preferred 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice of Retreat. This allows LAMU RETREATS to send the same request to similar properties to that first selected thereby reducing the effort of the Client and maximising the number of properties to choose from.

    In the case that the Client is not able to find an appropriate property, or does not have time to search in depth, a general inquiry may be submitted to specifying the location and desired facilities of the property, and a selection of properties with availability for the specified time period will be provided. LAMU RETREATS will identify a property with the required features and provide all the information necessary for the customer to contact the property.

    The Availability Request is an obligation free request, that does not entail any commitment on the part of the Client making the request to the property or to LAMU RETREATS

    Replies to the Availability Request will be acknowledged within 24 hours of the request by email, except in exceptional circumstances and will be followed up with information on availability for your requested dates as soon as LAMU RETREATS has that information from the house owner.
    A Multiple Availability Request, like a General Availability Request, will result in one reply being sent to the Client, from LAMU RETREATS but this may take a few days longer whilst we await replies from each of the properties that to which the Availability Request was sent.

    The exchange of information and contact between LAMU RETREATS and the Client takes place exclusively by email therefore it is vitally important that the correct email address is supplied by the Client.

  2. How to Make a Reservation
    A Reservation Request may be made, subject to the Terms and Conditions published on the property's web pages, only after the property has confirmed availability for the requested period.

    To make the reservation the Client should send an email to the specific email address for the property relating to the reservation.
    Clicking on the link on the webpage for that property will open an a new email window that displays the email address for that property. The Reservation email should clearly state the following

    a) Name under which party is to be booked
    b) Means and Time of Arrival and Departure to Lamu (Air, Boat Land etc)
    c) Any special requirements or information about your group (Weddings, honeymoons, disabilities or medical conditions, dietary needs, pregnancy or small infants etc.)

  3. As soon as possible LAMU RETREATS will confirm via email the receipt of the reservation request and with all the contact details of the guest that it has been sent to the property for the issuance of the voucher.

    The reservation must be made within 48 hours from the confirmation of availability by the property to the client.

  4. Reservation Terms and Conditions
    Before sending the Booking Form we strongly advise that Clients carefully read the Terms & Conditions of the service offered by LAMU RETREATS in the instructions on how to book, and of the Terms and Conditions payment policy and cancellation policies found on the web pages of the property. You are advised to take out travel insurance at the time of booking.

  5. Data Protection & Privacy Policy
    All personal information acquired by LAMU RETREATS will remain confidential and any information will be used by only, to make availability and reservation requests.

    The personal information will not be shared with any third parties and Clients have the right to request elimination of their information at any time.


Service Level Guarantee
  1. Reservation & Payment Terms and Conditions
    Customers wishing to book via may confirm the reservation directly with us by following the instructions below.

    The reservation will be accepted only upon receipt of the confirmation of payment by bank transfer. The reservation will only be accepted after the prior express confirmation of the availability of the accommodation by the management of the chosen property.

  2. The reservation will specify the exact information of the customer reserving, the total amount of the stay [in USD] and the amount paid as security deposit.

    The reservation must be made within 72 hours of the confirmation of availability by the management of the property otherwise the dates will be considered by LAMU RETREATS as available for other customers.

    The total amount payable for the stay must be paid within the time limit specified in'Conditions and Payment Policy' below.

    As soon as possible the staff at LAMU RETREATS will communicate via email to the Client that their details have been successfully received and forwarded to the property, including all contact details allowing the property to contact the guest.

  3. Prices and Seasons
    The published prices of the property on the web site and on the server of LAMU RETREATS are per day or per week, according to the individual property. The minimum stay for periods during the high and low season are defined for each property according to the room type.

  4. Facilities
    Electricity, water and final cleaning are included in the prices except if otherwise specified on the web pages of the property.

    Extra services such as 'full board' are charged by consumption.
    LAMU RETREATS strongly advise that customers carefully read the Guideline Prices for the individual property and more importantly the QUOTE emailed to you on finalisation of your booking request.

    LAMU RETREATS takes every care to ensure the prices and services are accurate, however cannot be held responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies found in these sections.

  5. Description of the Property
    LAMU RETREATS takes every care in presenting the most detailed and accurate information about the property on the web site, however does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions.

    The information on prices, cancellation penalties, check-in and check-out times, and payment conditions are the sole responsibility of the property who is able to modify all of the aforementioned at any time via the Control Panel interface.

    Most of the properties in the LAMU RETREATS catalogue have been renamed with a fictional name. This is done with the express agreement of the property owners, in order for LAMU RETREATS to guarantee contractual services to the property owners.

  6. Arrival and Departure
    The reception area or check-in will be at the property reserved unless otherwise indicated in the web pages of the property, or otherwise agreed with the property.

    Information about the exact location and instructions on how to arrive will be provided by the property immediately upon the receipt of the voucher confirming the reservation.

    A representative of the property will be present at the agreed reception area and will accompany guests to the reserved accommodation, will provide the guests with keys, and will supply all information regarding the facilities of the property to the guests.

    The keys will be given to the guests upon presentation of their confirmation voucher at check-in.

    The guest must also provide some form of official identification, such as an identity card or passport.

    It is very important to advise well in advance the expected arrival time at the property, particularly if it is outside the normal reception hours as specified in the terms and conditions pertaining to 'Arrival and Departure' found in the web pages of the property.

    In the case that the guest will not able to occupy the accommodation during the period of the reservation, or that the guest arrives late or is compelled to leave early, due to transport difficulties, or personal reasons, it will not be possible to refund part of the amount paid for the stay, unless otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions of the property reserved, as published on the web pages of the property.

  7. Cancellation Penalties
    The guest is able to cancel the reservation within the stated in the Terms and Conditions of the accommodation reserved.

    Any cancellation penalty will be applied according to the terms and conditions stated on the website pages, and in particular to cancellations made shortly before the date of check-in.

    LAMU RETREATS strongly advises a careful reading of the Cancellation Penalties supplied by LAMU RETREATS for each property to be reserved, before the Confirmation Deposit is paid.

  8. Reservation Transferability
    The reservation is non transferable to any other person who is not named on the reservation.

    However in the case that the guest is not able to use the reservation, and unless otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions of the reserved accommodation, it is possible to transfer the reservation to a third party, (relatives or friends) only by requesting the issuance of a new confirmation voucher in the names of the third party to which the reservation is to be transferred.

  9. Guarantees and Responsibilities of LAMU RETREATS
    LAMU RETREATS acts as the intermediary for the reservation between the guest and the property and is committed to guaranteeing maximum speed and clarity of the exchange of information in the interests of both parties.

    For this LAMU RETREATS carefully selects properties according a wide range of criteria to ensure the best experience for our Clients.
    LAMU RETREATS is committed to managing the process of reservation on behalf of the properties and to not request other compensation from the customers that reserve via the LAMU RETREATS network for the service provided.

    LAMU RETREATS is committed to providing all the necessary information for the customer who wishes to reserve with and to help in the process of finding a property that matches the customer's requirements, with availability requests and information, contact with the property and the reservation(s) itself.
    For any communication, complaint, or advice on the facilities provided by LAMU RETREATS and the properties in the catalogue, Customer Service is available during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central African Time on ++260-6-246136 or preferably via email to

  10. Data Protection & Privacy Policy
    All personal information acquired by LAMU RETREATS will remain confidential and any information will be used LAMU RETREATS only to make availability and reservation requests. The personal information will not be shared with any third parties and customers have the right to request elimination of their information at any time.